Youth Bright Medusa Centennial

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This special edition of Willa Cather's Youth and the Bright Medusa was produced to mark the book's publication centenary in 2020. A new introduction by Cather scholar Mark J. Madigan conveys the significance of this publication in Cather's career and offers readers context for the unforgettable characters and enchanting settings found within the eight stories that make up the book. Joanna A. Blitch's classic and well-researched illustrations are an added treat, offering a visual reference to key moments from each story. A century after its publication, both young adults and more seasoned readers will find lasting allure in this volume.

This collection contains the following stories:

  • Coming, Aphrodite!
  • The Diamond Mine
  • A Gold Slipper
  • Scandal
  • Paul's Case
  • A Wagner Matinee
  • The Sculptor's Funeral
  • "A Death in the Desert"

"Readers who think of Cather solely as a spokeswoman for America’s prairies and deserts will be surprised by these stories of artists struggling to define their identities in the theaters and studios of New York and Boston. Pieces such as 'Paul’s Case' and 'The Sculptor’s Funeral' present us with an important but rarely discussed facet of the author’s worldview, and will be cherished by any who have dared to seek beauty in the face of judgment and misunderstanding." – Zee Francis

  • For more information about the illustrations and the artist's process, click HERE to read an interview with Joanna A. Blitch.
  • To order a set of eight limited edition prints from the book, by Joanna A.Blitch, click HERE.
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