Cather Stories, Poems and Other Writings Library of America HB

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Contains: Youth and the Bright Medusa with "Coming Aphrodite," "The Diamond Mine," "A Gold Slipper," "Scandal," "Paul's Case," "A Wagner Matinee," "The Sculptor's Funeral," and "A Death in the Desert;" Obscure Destinies with "Neighbour Rosicky," "Old Mrs. Harris," and "Two Friends;" The Old Beauty and Others with "The Old Beauty," "The Best Years," and "Before Breakfast;" Alexander's BridgeMy Mortal Enemy, occasional pieces, critical essays, and April Twilights and Other Poems.

"A treasury of riches, containing much that has been difficult to find." —Chicago Tribune

Sharon O'Brien, volume editor, is a James Hope Caldwell Professor of American Cultures and Professor of English at Dickinson College.

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