Willa Cather Review | 62.2 | Winter 2021

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The Willa Cather Review is a scholarly journal published several times of year by the Willa Cather Foundation.


Our 17th International Cather Seminar 

—focusing on Cather in Virginia



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  • Letters from the Executive Director and the President
  • Black Lives in Sapphira and the Slave Girl: New Perspectives from Archaeology and History
  • “As Much a Slave To-day”: Freedom’s Reality for the Shenandoah Valley’s African Americans in the Reconstruction Era by Jonathan A. Noyalas
  • Setting History Straight: Josephine School Community Museum and Sapphira and the Slave Girl by Adeela Al-Khalili
  • Willa Cather and Enslaved Life in the Shenandoah Valley by Matthew C. Greer
  • Willa Cather’s Virginia by Ann Romines
  • Wee Winkie Goes to Washington: Cather’s Early Impressions of the Nation’s Capital by Timothy W. Bintrim
  • Songs and Sapphira: An Interview with Barbara Davis with Ann Romines
  • My Life, My Story, and Who I Am by Yicel Hernandez
  • Selections from the Newly Acquired David Porter Willa Cather Collection by Robert Thacker
  • A Lost Painting: Nancy’s Return by John Jacobs
  • Writing, Revising, and Promoting The Professor’s House: New Evidence of Willa Cather at Work by Melissa J. Homestead
  • In Memoriam: Laurie Smith Camp by Glenda Pierce
  • Contributors to this Issue

On the cover: Cather’s birthplace and Willow Shade, with an excerpt from a letter from Cather to Stringfellow Barr, Dec. 5, 1928 (Complete Letters no. 2049, The Willa Cather Archive, cather.unl.edu). Birthplace image by Duffy Reese. Willow Shade photograph from the Elizabeth A. Shannon Collection, Willa Cather Foundation Collections and Archives.

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