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"Flavia and Her Artists"
"The Sculptor's Funeral"
"The Garden Lodge"
"A Death in the Desert"
"The Marriage of Phaedra"
"A Wagner Matinee"
"Paul's Case"

"New readers of these admirable Cather stories will find them still engaging as she writes about art and artists, East and West, the true and the false." —Publishers Weekly

This collection of Willa Cather stories-her first book of fiction and the capstone of her early career-is as relevant today as at the time of its initial publication. As difference and individually distinguished as the seven stories may be, they share as their subject the role and status of the artist in American society. The passions, ambitions, and pretensions, the cant and the pathos of the art world, artists, pseudo-artists, aficionados, and dilettantes-all are amply represented here in the midst of their foibles, grand affairs, and failures, drawn with great style and subtlety by a writer gathering her formidable powers. With the psychological precision of her early master Henry James and the practical wisdom and wit of her contemporary Edith Wharton, Cather shows us innocents seduced, sophisticates undone, marriages sundered, idealism compromised, and the rare soul uplifted by art.

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