John Bergers Print: Out to the Gayhearts

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Out to the Gayhearts

From an original oil painting by John Blake Bergers in the Willa Cather Foundation Collections & Archives at the National Willa Cather Center

"People said 'out to the Gayhearts' and thought it rather a long walk in summer. But Lucy covered the distance a dozen times a day, covered it quickly with that walk so peculiarly her own, like an expression of irrepressible light heartedness; a mere white figure under the flickering shade of the early trees. On she came, past hedges and lilac bushes and woolly-green grape arbours and rows of jonquils, and one knew she was delighted with everything; with her summer clothes and the air and the sun and the blossoming world."

—Inspired by Willa Cather's Lucy Gayheart

Image Size — 16" x 20"
Paper Size — 20" x 24"

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