John Bergers Print: Beside the Red Brick Wall

Article number: John Bergers Print: Beside the Red Brick Wall
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Beside the Red Brick Wall

From an original oil painting by John Blake Bergers in the Willa Cather Foundation Collections & Archives at the National Willa Cather Center

"Every evening when he came back to the store after supper, Dillon had one of his clerks bring two arm-chairs out to the wide sidewalk that ran beside the red brick wall. In these chairs the two friends would spend the evening. I often sat on the edge of the sidewalk with my feet hanging down and played jacks by the hour when there was moonlight. I suppose there were moonless nights; but I remember them all as flooded by the rich indolence of a full moon, or a half-moon set in uncertain blue."

—Inspired by Willa Cather's "Two Friends"

Image Size — 16" x 20"
Paper Size — 20" x 24"



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