The 1935 Republican River Flood

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On May 31, 1935, a storm system surged along the Republican River, bursting its banks in a matter of minutes with a roar that could be heard miles away. The greatest flood to hit the tri-state area of Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska, it left behind a landscape rearranged beyond recognition and claimed more than one hundred casualties. However, amid all the destruction and sorrow, amazing acts of heroism and unwavering courage were reported throughout the valley. Author Joy Hayden reveals the historic disaster and the steadfast resolve of those who witnessed it.

The History Press: 2015 | Paperback: 160 pages


About the Author

Joy Hayden has always had a love for history and strong ties to the High Plains region. One day several years ago she came across a copy of the Follansbee & Spiegel report on the 1935 Republican River flood. Curiosity about the event evolved into a quest to preserve a story that was quickly fading from public memory. She has spent many years compiling the history of the flood, meeting with survivors and traveling along the river to document this exciting chapter in the Republican River's history.
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