Simply Stargazing: An Adventure Quick Guide

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Your Night Sky Companion!

To gaze skyward is to be filled with wonder. You might find yourself asking questions like, “Is that bright object a planet or a star? What does the constellation Perseus look like? When’s the next meteor shower?” Find these answers and more in Simply Stargazing.

The tabbed booklet is simple and convenient to use, with full-color photographs and illustrations. Topics are organized by season for quick and easy identification, and award-winning author Jonathan Poppele offers observation tips and instructions on everything from the moon, planets, and deep-sky objects to the ecliptic and the zodiac.

The booklet includes:

  • Six full-sky charts make locating constellations a snap at any time of year.
  • You’ll learn about spotting planets, meteor showers, and more.
  • A timetable for meteor showers further enhances your knowledge of stargazing.
  • The booklet’s pocket-size format is much easier to use than laminated foldouts, and the tear-resistant pages help to make the book durable in the field.

Keep Simply Stargazing close at hand on your next nighttime outing: it's designed for a napsack or back pocket!

Adventure Publications: 2018 | Spiral bound: 28 pages


About the Author

Jonathan Poppele is a naturalist, author, and educator with wide-ranging interests. He earned a master's degree in Conservation Biology from the University of Minnesota, studying citizen science, environmental education, and how to cultivate a personal relationship with the natural world through animal tracking. He has taught ecology, environmental studies, biology, and technical writing at the University of Minnesota.An avid outdoorsman and student of natural history, Jon is a member of the Minnesota Trackers Club and the International Society for Professional Trackers, and he is the founder of the Minnesota Wildlife Tracking Project. A Black Belt in the peaceful martial art of Ki-Aikido, Jon is also the founder and director of the Center for Mind-Body Oneness in Saint Paul, Minnesota.


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