Kingdom of Art

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Selected and edited with two essays and a commentary by Bernice Slote

The Kingdom of Art gives a summary of the first, elementary principles on which Willa Cather based her art, and then presents a collection of critical statements-personal, occasional, and theoretical-that seem to give a realistic view of Willa Cather as she was in the years 1893-1896.

Bernice Slote, a distinguished Cather scholar, was a professor of English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her publications included editions of April Twilights (1903); Poems of Willa Cather (1962, 1968); The Kingdom of Art: Willa Cather's First Principles and Critical Statements, 1893-1896 (1967); and "Uncle Valentine and Other Stories: Willa Cather's Uncollected Short Fiction" (1973, 1986), all published by the University of Nebraska Press.

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