Bakers Candies 16 oz. Box

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Willa Cather and Edith Lewis loved their candy—and chocolates! Cather frequently mentions different varieties, and their delight in receiving them, in gift acknowledgements in her letters. So they would have likely been delighted with Baker's Candies from Nebraska!

We offer two gift box assortments of ten varieties of "Sinfully Delicious" wrapped chocolate "Meltaways" — in a "Nebraska" gift box (12 oz) or plain white box (16 oz). The color of the wrap tells you the variety:

  • Blue — Solid Dark Chocolate
  • Green — Dark Chocolate Mint
  • Gold — Milk Chocolate Mint 
  • Orange — Dark Chocolate Orange
  • Red/Silver — Milk Chocolate Raspberry
  • Brown — Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Purple — Dark Chocolate Cherry
  • Silver/Black — Milk Chocolate Mocha
  • Silver/Gold — Milk Chocolate Coconut
  • Silver — Milk Chocolate Caramel

He did not smoke, but he ate a great deal of candy 'for his throat,' and always kept a box of chocolate drops in the upper right-hand drawer of his desk.

—The Song of the Lark

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