Animal Tracks: Midwest Quick Guide

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Your Quick Guide to Identifying Mammal Tracks

From the backyard to the backwoods, keep this tabbed booklet close at hand. Based on Jonathan Poppele's popular field guide and featuring only Midwest mammals, the booklet is organized by group for quick and easy identification. Narrow your choices by group, and view just a few animal tracks at a time. The pocket-sized format is much easier to use than laminated foldouts, and the tear-resistant pages help to make the book durable in the field. Animal Tracks of the Midwest features realistic track illustrations and size information for more than 95 species. With a step-by-step guide to track identification, as well as a track information chart and sample gait patterns, the booklet has just what you need to identify animal tracks in the field.

Adventure Publications: 2014 | Spiral bound: 22 pages, illustrated


About the Author

Jonathan Poppele is a naturalist, author, and educator with wide-ranging interests. He earned a master's degree in Conservation Biology from the University of Minnesota, studying citizen science, environmental education, and how to cultivate a personal relationship with the natural world through animal tracking. He has taught ecology, environmental studies, biology, and technical writing at the University of Minnesota. An avid outdoorsman and student of natural history, Jon is a member of the Minnesota Trackers Club and the International Society of Professional Trackers, and he is the founder of the Minnesota Wildlife Tracking Project. A Black Belt in the peaceful martial art of Ki-Aikido, Jon is also the founder and director of the Center for Mind-Body Oneness in Saint Paul, Minnesota.


“Jonathan Poppele has created a terrific little resource here on some of the most common animals in the region that a tracker might be interested in. There are great details about track ID, as well as some bigger picture concepts in how to learn track ID, as well as animal gait interpretation. An inspired naturalist will be grateful to have this in your backpack.”  ―Marcus Reynerson, Evaluator at Tracker Certification North America and Lead Instructor at Wilderness Awareness School
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