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Discover what all the fuss was about with this 1934 movie adaptation of Willa Cather's 1923 novel, A Lost Lady.

From the Warner Brothers Archive Collection — "She married to escape love and found that for a woman like her there is no escape!"

When tragedy shockingly strikes on the eve of her wedding, socialite Marian Ormsby (Barbara Stanwyck) falls deep into despair and bitterness. Sent north by her family in an attempt to free her from her malevolent malaise, Marian suffers a bad fall on the slopes of the Canadian Rockies. Rescued by successful lawyer Dan Forrester (Frank Morgan), Marian is gently coaxed out of her shell by the smitten Dan, many years her senior. Dan eventually surprises her with a unique proposal—a marriage without love! The pair become the toast of the town and Dan builds Marian her dream mansion, while she gently dissuades Dan's law partner Neil (Lyle Talbot) of his amorous hopes. Marian's peaceful idyll without love comes crashing down when dashing transport magnate Frank Ellinger (Ricardo Cortez) makes an emergency landing on her estate. Rebuffing his liberties, Marian discovers her desire has merely been dormant, not dead. But what about Dan?

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